I never thought I would go with a lesser name brand but here is why I did:
The PSSC Labs team are straight shooters. They aren't going to do stupid things to please me. They do the stuff they are really good at, and it turns out, I'm not missing anything.
We have ordered over a 100 servers from them this year, NOT ONE has had a problem.
They are interested in making their customers successful, just in the way you are, they listen and respond quickly.

James MarcusPulsepoint Director of Information Technology

It was fascinating to compare the build of the IBM to your hardware. A prime example is the rack rails/sleeve system. The IBM approach seems to be an afterthought "We've built this server… but now we need to be able to access it in a rack… we're going to need to engineer something and it's going to be a timely pain to install and cost extra". Where as the PSSC Labs approach is "Lets engineer this into the DNA of the unit and make it easy to install". It took us < 10 minutes at the DC to rack it and make it live.

Kyle MilnesInatec Solutions CTO

The installation of our PowerWulf Cluster (and upgrade) was literally plug and play. PSSC Labs had all our requirements and configured the cluster prior to shipping.

Michael AciernoCarnegie Institution for Science IT Manager / Department of Terrestrial Magnetism

It was obvious for us to combine our expertise on high-performance bioinformatics algorithms and user-friendly software with PSSC Labs' extensive experience in cluster solutions for the life science industry.

Thomas KnudsenCLC bio CEO

High performance computing is essential for designing and supporting our Computational Fluid Dynamics and other programs. PSSC keeps tabs on all changes in technology so we don't have to.

Dr. Sukumar ChakravartyMetacomp Technologies President and Founder

I interviewed six companies. PSSC Labs was the most honest and sensitive in addressing our needs. They did not try to push unnecessary technology or products on us, but tried to best address our needs and wants.

Robert YelleHarvard University Research Scientist

PSSC Labs understands the importance of my work. Their ability to deliver a complete turn-key solution allows me to focus on my work and not managing a cluster.

Karl ZellerUnited States Department of Agriculture Ph.D.

The total cost of ownership after delivery is very low. I have been very happy with the quality of the hardware and the completeness of PSSC Labs CBeST software. Our productivity has been great with these clusters.

Richard CrouseNorthrop Grumman CFD Research Scientist

We are very happy with PSSC Labs and the professional service you and Victor (PSSC Labs Cluster Support) provide. I look forward to doing more business with you as we get more equipment funds.

Dr. Peter NordlanderRice University Professor of Physics

PSSC Labs is the only computer company I have found that goes above and beyond to deliver the highest performance, most reliable and best supported solution.

Dr. Igal SzleiferNorthwestern University Professor of Chemistry

PSSC Labs offered the best combination of hardware, software packages, and competitive pricing of all vendors solicited.

William McKeonUnited States Air Force Research Scientist

Overall I am extremely happy with PSSC Labs. Their products perform as promised, their software is easy to use, their support is responsive and knowledgable and they are easy people to work with.

Viren JainMassachusetts Institute of Technology Seung Lab for Brain Imaging

PSSC Labs Clusters & Servers process all data of our three SOLiD 4.0 next generation sequencers.

Christian GilissenUMC St Radboud Research Scientist

We have purchased 4 systems now, two PowerWulf clusters, one PowerServe GPU server and one RaidStation Networked Attached Storage solution. We're happy.

Dr. Homer PienMassachusetts General Hospital Director, Laboratory for Medical Imaging & Computations

My experience with PSSC Labs (PowerWulf Clusters) is very pleasant. Almost everything works out of the box. When there is a problem, the technical support is timely and helpful.

Dr. Tianshu LiGeorge Washington University Assistant Professor

We're excited about the potential of this very powerful new tool. It's making a substantial difference in the way we do research.

Anil NairSanofi-Aventis Research Scientist

PSSC Labs was selected because of price and response level.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Staff Research Scientist

70 percent improvement in processing speed

Peter SchmittDartmouth College Technical Director

One of the reasons for obtaining the setup from PSSC Labs was to have well tested and working components out of the box.

University of Washington Department of Biology Research Scientist