Compact Storage Server For NAS, iSCSI & ZFS

In just 1U of Rack Space, the SureStore U1000 will support up to 32 TB of high performance storage. Support for NAS, iSCSI, SAN & ZFS.

Nearly 100TBs in 2U Rack Space

The SureStore U2000 can support any small to medium office / research groups. Redundancy, expandability & performance in an easy to configure enterprise platform.

Powerful ZFS Enterprise
Storage Platform

288TBs! The SureStore U4000HD offers ultra density for growing ZFS storage environments. Connectivity via GigE, 10GigE, 40GigE, Fiber Channel & Infiniband.

Perfect Platform for
Object Storage
Applications Swift & Ceph

Oasis HD Object Node is the perfect platform for any object storage environment. Proven compatible with Openstck Swift & Ceph object storage applications.

Complete Enterprise
Object Storage

Introducing the industry’s first turn-key Object Storage environment built for the enterprise. The Oasis Stax Cluster includes everything necessary to deploy a scalable Object Storage solution.