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Custom HPC Cluster
for Genomics & Life

Over 500+ PowerWulf Bio Titanium Clusters are operating worldwide. Organizations of all sizes rely on this truly turnkey HPC solution for their critical computing needs.

Chemistry on a
Proven Cluster

PowerWulf MMx Clusters provide the highest performance solution for demanding applications including NAMD, CHARMM, GROMACS, Amber & Schrödinger.

PSSC Labs & Roche Partner To Deliver Turnkey HPC Solution for Life Science Research

The GS FLX Titanium Cluster is one of the first truly turnkey cluster solutions delivered worldwide for genomics research. Over 300 units were sold by 454 / Roche Diagnostics to support their genomics application.

Pipeline Performance
Without Complexity

The Whole Genome Sequencing Server sets a new standard for next-generation sequencing (NGS). Processing power, large memory capacity & ample storage make this server ideal for de-novo whole genome sequencing, cancer research & more.

Desktop Sequencing
Made Simple

In need of a cost effective computing solution for your NGS analysis needs? The PowerStation GX2 offers high performance server performance in a desktop form factor.