Life Sciences
Design & Engineering
Physical Sciences
Design Your Own

Weather Prediction &
Climate Modeling

The Vortex Cluster offers the ultimate platform for high-resolution weather prediction & climate models. Proven compatible with MM5 & WRF.

Ideal Performance
For Smaller Scale

Not all jobs require a complex cluster. The MesoScale Modeler is engineered for smaller scale models where budget constraints & IT support are limited.

Unlock the Mysteries
of the Universe

Physicists & Astrophysicists thirst for unlimited computing power. The Andromeda Cluster includes the latest NVIDIA® GPUs or Intel® Xeon® PHI™ coprocessors for maximum performance.

PSSC Labs Receives Special Recognition from AMNH for Supporting the Production of the Award Winning “Dark Universe.”

Thousands of
Computer Cores
In One Easy To
Manage Box

Now you can realize thousands of computing cores in a single server platform. The RenderStation 8000 server platform supports the latest NVIDIA®GPUs as well as Intel® Xeon® PHI™ coprocessors.