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Deploying a turn-key HPC cluster or server world wide may seem like a daunting task. Our Cluster OEM Program matches an application vendor with a reliable, proven supplier of high performance computing equipment. PSSC Labs is the leading provider of truly turn-key, high performance computing clusters. We successfully shipped over 2000 Clusters to 35+ countries. Through this experience we can show you just how easy it is to deliver a validated, ready-to-run, reliable HPC system to your customers on time and on budget.

Custom Server Design

Tier 1 Manufacturer

PSSC Labs offers unique configurations designed to meet your specific needs & budget. Our HPC Servers & Big Data Servers can be customized just for you. Build your dream machine with the widest variety of processor, memory, storage, network & operating system options possible. We can maintain a specific server specifications build to ensure consistency for several years.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We design our servers to with your TCO in mind. Power efficiency, high reliability & easy to service design all factor into this TCO measurement. Each server undergoes the industry’s most rigorous testing procedure resulting in the industry’s lowest failure rate. Recent comparisons have proven our servers to consume nearly 40% less power than other manufacturers. Our patent pending tool-free design allows you to easily swap out any system component at the front or rear of the server.

Advanced Testing

Painstaking Precision Produces Unparalleled Performance

PSSC Labs strength is our ability to deliver as turn-key a platform possible with the absolute highest level of performance & reliability. Each system undergoes the industry’s most strenuous testing process. Only after each component is confirmed acceptable will PSSC Labs ship the system. This guarantees you receive a system that is certain to satisfy the most stringent requirements. We are very proud of our industry low component field failure rate & 0.0% DOA record. During the Server Integration process, PSSC Labs performs the following steps to ease installation & deployment.

  • BIOS setting standardization
  • MAC address reporting for easy PXE boot & image deployment
  • Network configuration prior to shipping
  • Custom operating system & software image installation
  • Custom scripting
  • Power measurement reporting at idle & full load

PSSC Labs Deploys Thousands of Servers Worldwide
For OpenX Ad Exchange Processing 180,000 Requests Per Second

Rack & Roll Integration

Deliver Complete, Ready to Run Equipment Racks

PSSC Labs has successfully deployed completely integrated equipment Racks world wide. Our Rack & Roll™ Integration service includes professionally integration of all necessary components into the Rack unit including servers, network switches, power connections (UPS & PDU). PSSC Labs will carefully cable all network & power connections; creating ready to run systems on arrival. A critical step in our Rack & Roll Integration service is the proper labeling of all servers as well as power & network cables. Each server, network cable & power cable is labeled on both the front & back. The entire Rack unit is then neatly packaged into a sturdy shipping crate including shock pallets & temperature treated wood. If required PSSC Labs can integrate third party components as well.

Total Logistics Solution

On Time, World Wide Shipping

We understand you are under pressure to meet critical delivery deadlines. PSSC Labs has never missed a required delivery date in our 25+ years in business. We offer extremely competitive domestic & international shipping rates. We can simplify the international shipping process with our international shipping experience. Once the system arrives PSSC Labs expert technicians can provide onsite installation worldwide.

Custom SKUs for Simplified Ordering

To simplify the ordering process, PSSC Labs can established a single part number (or multiple part numbers) for an established server or complete equipment Rack configuration. We will even source third party components in order to help you establish a single supplier.

Support & Monitoring

World Wide Onsite Support

Working with PSSC Labs, rather than Remote Hands services offered by the data centers, you will realize immediate savings & more efficient support. We maintain an Inventory Catalog of servers, serial numbers, & individual components in each server. We also record BIOS version, MAC addresses & any other required system information. This allows us to easily provide onsite support services world wide. We already support systems in 35+ countries.

Daily Monitoring

PSSC Labs servers have IPMI / iKVM capabilities built in. Using reporting services, such as JIRA, PSSC Labs can be responsible for the daily monitoring of server status & health. PSSC Labs can coordinate with our onsite support technicians to revolve server issues in a timely manner. Our Monitoring Service is competitively priced & charged on a per server per month basis.

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