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We are the American Supercomputer Company.

For technology powered visionaries with a passion for challenging the status quo, PSSC Labs is the answer for hand-crafted HPC and Big Data computing solutions that deliver relentless performance with the absolute lowest total cost of ownership. For over 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the absolute highest quality computing solutions to the world’s most demanding organizations. While other companies talk a good game, we actually deliver.

“PSSC Labs viewed us as a partner and not just a customer.”

Mike Todd, OpenX

“Working directly with PSSC Labs eases the ordering and deployment process.”

James Marcus, Director of IT, PulsePoint


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A big thank you to our friends at #cybersecurity Malaysia. Your new #hadoop cluster running @hortonworks @ApacheMetron will be leaving soon

Pulsepoint Saves $300K With PSSC Labs
Learn how leading ad tech company, Pulsepoint, is leveraging PSSC Labs to grow their business and lower their TCO.

Loading a Time Series Database at 100 Million Points Per Second
There are many use cases for time series data, and they usually require handling a decent data ingest rate.

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