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Gartner reveals picks for 2016 top strategic technology trends

Nov. 12, 2015 ⋅ Categories: Big Data, Cloud, HPC

At its recent annual symposium in Orlando, Gartner Inc. identified the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2016. The IT research firm said it selected based on how much potential each trend had to affect organizations in the coming year, specifically in the areas of long-term plans, programs and initiatives. As explained by Vice President David Cearley: “Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends will shape digital business opportunities through 2020.”

Cearley organized the trends by how he perceived they would impact businesses. The first three, he details, represent a move to integrate the digital and physical, what he calls “the digital mesh.” This includes 3D printing, which isn’t necessarily a new invention but has made Gartner’s list for the more recent ways it has innovated business, such as SpaceX’s use of 3D printing technology to build rocket parts.

The next three, Cearley says, focus on “smart machines.” This  part of the list presented a theme of autonomy in the rising strategic technologies, featuring such trends as “Advanced Machine Learning” and “Autonomous Agents and Things” that promise a kind of technology that behaves more like a human brain with an ability to perceive the world and adapt as a person would.

Finally, the last four comprise the group Cearley calls “the new IT reality.” These include trends like “Advanced System Architecture” which address a rising need for better security, discussing systems that would help IT leaders more efficiently identify and respond to security threats.

Considered an important gathering for the IT industry, Gartner’s annual symposiums take place globally,  with its next meetings in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Gold Coast, Australia. Here is the complete list of Gartner’s identified rising trends for 2016:

Device Mesh
Ambient User Experience
3D Printing Materials
Information of Everything
Advanced Machine Learning
Autonomous Agents and Things
Adaptive Security Architecture
Advanced System Architecture
Mesh App and Service Architecture
Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms

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