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Global Twitter Heartbeat: Supercomputers Measure Social Moods in the United States

Nov. 23, 2012 ⋅ Categories: Analytics

Global Twitter Heartbeat: Twitter may be full of chitter-chatter, news and simple statements, but it is also an incredible compilation of data where high-performance servers can draw insightful information and graphics. During hurricane Sandy, SGI partnered with the University of Illinois to scan 50 million international tweets in the Global Twitter Heartbeat and created real-time heat maps of positive and negative tweets.

According to SGI’s Facebook page, “The project analyses every tweet to assign location (not just GPS-tagged tweets, but processing the text of the tweet itself). And tone values and then visualizes the conversation in a heat map infographic that combines and displays tweet location, intensity and tone.” The computational modeling of all of this information could prove very telling in the future in regards to opinion surveys and psychological analysis what is happening in our nation.  Take a look at the video below and it will give you a good idea of people’s negative and positive thoughts during Sandy’s trek up the East Coast.

For more information on super computers and social media, follow PSSC Labs on Twitter or visit a Huffington Post article here.

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