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Go Pink this October with Cancer-Analyzing Super Computers

Oct. 16, 2012 ⋅ Categories: Life Sciences

Cancer-Analyzing Super Computer: NantHealth, a health IT company has teamed with AT&T, HP Intel and Verizon to create a supercomputer, similar to the Powerserve Quatro, that will reduce the time required to analyze genomic data of a patient with cancer. What would have normally taken eight weeks, now takes a mere 47 seconds.

Doctors have been unable to guide treatment using genomic sequencing in the past because of the amount of time it took. This spurred a need for a solution. Teaming with several organizations, a high-speed, super-computer fiber network was created. This fiber network will provide thousands of oncology practitioners with information to fight cancer in a shorter amount of time.

It was reported that the ultimate storage solution helped the company to collect 96,512GB of data for over 3,000 patients and transfer it in under 70 hours. Mathematically, 5,000 patients could be analyzed per day with the technology.

So be sure to wear your pink with pride this October as it is Breast Cancer Month and spread the hope and the news about this new technological breakthrough in treatment. To read more about NantHealth and the new technology, click here.

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