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Green Partner Spotlight: PSSC Labs

Apr. 15, 2016 ⋅ Categories: Cloud, Virtualization

Sustainability is a big buzzword in today’s business world. Many companies have eco-friendly practices in place; they set yearly goals to invest money in green initiatives, give their employees time off to help with community garden projects, and build their own environmental teams. These are great practices that ensure a company’s commitment to sustainability, but what more can be done?

Optoro has decided to approach this challenge by creating a network of sustainable partners, leveraging their expertise to make our processes better, while decreasing our footprint. As a company that relies heavily on internet and cloud computing, we looked upstream to partner with the most energy efficient server company. To do this, we collaborated with PSSC Labs, from whom we purchased the CloudOOP 12000 server system.

PSSC Labs prides itself on creating the greenest servers in three main categories: power, density, and reusability. According to Alex Lesser, the owner or PSSC Labs, improvements in these areas “[have] tremendous benefits to not only Optoro’s operational expenses but also significantly reduces the environmental impact.”

A CloudOOP 12000 rack can hold up to 320 terabytes of data with 10 terabytes per unit of usable SSD. Each terabyte pulls about 5 watts of electricity, making the CloudOOP 12000 the most space and power efficient server system on the market. (Source: PSSC Labs)

Reducing Power Use

The CloudOOP 12000 server draws up to 40% less power than comparable models. It does this by stripping out unnecessary components that only serve to use more energy and increase costs. Additionally, it uses Micron SSDs instead of traditional spinning disks with SSDs, which also reduces power consumption. This saves about 30 – 50 watts of power per server. Although that might sound small, once we scale to the number of servers that Optoro uses, we see significant power and cost savings.

Saving Space and Money

Maximizing space is a key challenge in designing a data center. However, Lesser states, “the CloudOOP 12000 offers a revolutionary design that offers 2x the density of comparable servers from traditional tier1 vendors.” Not only does this reduce racks and create floor space, but it also minimizes the number of power circuits and network switches required to run the servers. The combination of all of these factors amounts to even more cost and energy savings for Optoro.

Each drive in the CloudOOP 12000 can be removed from the shell for easy and sustainable replacement. Because the entire frame remains the same, 55% of the metal is reused between upgrades. (Source: PSSC Labs)

Upgrading Sustainably

The CloudOOP 12000 is also designed with upgrades in mind. The shell and sleeve design allow us to re-use 55% of the metal when it comes time to replace or update the server. The shell stays on the rack and the new server needs only to be slid inside. The metal re-use capability of these servers is yet another way they minimize impact on the environment and our wallet.

Many businesses fear that investments in sustainable solutions will drive costs up, while introducing unnecessary risk; however, our partnership with PSSC Labs demonstrates that green practices can actually drive operational efficiency and cost-savings. Businesses looking to take the next step in sustainability should actively shape their network to include like-minded partners. In doing so, they will be able to dramatically increase their environmental impact.

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