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How the Internet of Things Is Changing Life Sciences

Dec. 2, 2015 ⋅ Categories: HPC, Life Sciences

While big data and the Internet of Things have introduced considerable innovations to different industries, the health care and life science sectors stand to benefit the most from these rising technologies. According to a survey by the law firm White & Case, more than 90 percent of technology and life science developers say that big data analytics and the IoT are their top strategic priorities for their business models.

The survey explained that 93 percent of these companies believe digital health care is important for their growth, reflecting a steadily increasing demand from the post-Baby Boomer generation for IoT devices such as wearables and smart home monitoring.

As these companies look to the future, most predict big data analytics will facilitate the most growth in the next five years, while 53 percent of them are looking farther down the line, saying that mHealth, or health care via mobile devices, will be the biggest focus of the next two decades.

“There is no question that digital health care is the way forward,” a vice president at one technology company told Health IT Analytics. “It is reducing death rates, hospitalizations and health care costs. It is an exciting area of growth for us, and we are completely focused on getting our product to market as fast as possible.”

Despite the evidently promising future of big data, mHealth and IoT devices, only 62 percent of technology companies and 37 percent of life science companies responded that they have a well-developed plan to use these tools to their benefit.

One way businesses in these sectors can incorporate big data analytics and IoT into their growth strategies in the coming year is by investing in a quality high-performance computing infrastructure. Certain models can offer valuable tools for next-generation sequencing through large memory capacity and storage space. Hadoop clusters with a low total cost of ownership can be essential to the success of the health and life sciences by offering computing solutions that can lower IT costs.

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