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PSSC Labs CloudOOP™ 12000 Certified Compatible with Cloudera Enterprise 5

Jul. 9, 2014 ⋅ Categories: Hadoop

Los Angeles, CA  — July 2014

PSSC Labs is pleased to announce their purpose built CloudOOP™ 12000 Big Data server is certified compatible to run Cloudera Enterprise 5.  This announcement comes just days after PSSC Labs deployed a 3+ PByte Cluster designated to run Cloudera  Enterprise 5 to a prominent New York based Ad Tech company.

The CloudOOP™ 12000 product line includes the world’s most energy efficient, highest density enterprise storage server platforms.   In just 1U of rack space, the CloudOOP™ 12000 can accommodate up to twelve large from factor hard drives.  This revolutionary design doubles storage density. Today the CloudOOP™ 12000 supports up to 48TBs; the soon to be released 6TB hard drives will increase the servers’ storage capacity to 72TBs.    Even more impressive is the CloudOOP™ 12000’s energy efficiency.  A typical configuration will consume under 200 Watts at idle and under 300 Watts when running Hadoop.  This represents a 40%+ energy efficiency improvement over comparable configurations from competing manufacturers.

“Cloudera is great partner.  Cloudera certifying our CloudOOP™ 12000 solidifies its place in the market”, begins Alex Lesser (PSSC Labs, VP Sales & Marketing).  “The benefits of this revolutionary server are already very obvious: double the density and half the power.  Receiving this certification from Cloudera® ensures end users will receive a higher performance server platform that is ready to run Hadoop.”

“With the exponential growth and power in data today, future data center business value depends on providing energy efficient and highest density storage,”  said Tim Stevens, Vice President, Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera. “PSSC Labs certification of the CloudOOP™ 12000 product line on Cloudera Enterprise 5 ensures that customers have the most innovative data management technology available to them and are well-positioned to capture the big data opportunity.”

PSSC Labs is already planning the next generation CloudOOP™ servers and plans to work closely with Cloudera.   Engineering plans for platforms based on Intel®’s latest Xeon® processors have begun.  Mr. Lesser asserts, “Performance is what drives us here at PSSC Labs.  Our CloudOOP™ 12000 Big Data servers already offer the highest possible I/O throughput using a unique design which reduces hardware bottlenecks.”  On recent disk benchmarks, PSSC Labs measured individual sustained disk read performance to be 150+ MBps and sustained individual disk write performance to be 160+ write performance;  a 50% plus performance improvement over other manufacturers.

For more information and to custom configure a CloudOOP™ 12000 Big Data server visit: http://pssclabs.com/data-center/cloud-computing/big-data/high-density-hadoop-server

About PSSC Labs: Founded in 1989 PSSC Labs offers purpose built, next generation data center server platforms.  The company, designs, manufacturers and supports their full line of computing equipment right in southern California.  PSSC Labs prides itself on being the “American Supercomputer” company, producing energy efficient, ultra-reliable, cost effective server platforms to the world’s most demanding end users.   Form more information and to configure your purpose built server visit www.pssclabs.com.

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