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PSSC Labs Expands the Computing Capabilities of CIW’s PowerWulf Cluster

Jul. 27, 2012 ⋅ Categories: Design & Engineering

July 27, 2012 | Flashback to November of 2010 and PSSC Labs are ahead of the game. Computer clusters need more processing power over time in order to remain updated for scientific discoveries. When budget became available to the Carnegie Institute of Washington’s (CIW) Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, they contacted PSSC Labs to expand the computing capability of their existing PowerWulf Cluster. At the time, there were over 1,000 PowerWulf Clusters operational.

In 2009, CIW purchased a 96 processor core, 192 GB memory PowerWulf Cluster. The primary, research use for the cluster is “adaptive mesh refinement hydrodynamics code for studying mixing and transport processors in the presolar cloud and solar nebula.” Sounds pretty smart, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. The cluster is used for the ability to help understand the formation of the nebulas. In case you don’t know, nebulas are regions or clouds of intersteller dust and gas. In order to study and create scientific breakthroughs about the universe and the environment, scientists need computing power to make calculations that normally would take a regular computer system years to process. When companies use clusters, such as Powerwulf, these calculations can be done in days or even hours.

With such a huge project, a primary concern is the time requirements to manage, monitor and maintain the computer cluster. PSSC Labs understands the need to deliver a stable solution requiring as little updates as possible. Just when you thought technology was getting better, faster, and more reliable, PSSC came out with the more advanced, PowerWulf Cluster that has rolled with technological advancements for the past two years. Think about how much your cell phone has changed in the past two years – pretty dramatically. Yet the advancement of the PowerWulf has maintained its state-of-the-art quality, giving scientists a cosmic bang for their buck.

For more details about PSSC Labs’ high performance servers, supercharged workstations and industry leading clusters and clouds, visit us online at http://pssclabs.com.

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