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PSSC Labs Extends Big Data and Data Center Server Offerings

Apr. 6, 2015 ⋅ Categories: Infrastructure

Los Angeles, CA — April 7, 2015 — Leveraging their expertise in High Performance Computing, PSSC Labs (www.pssclabs.com) now offers a complete suite of products and services aimed at the growing Big Data and Data Center marketplace.   The company is building upon their success selling high density, energy efficient servers designed specifically for Big Data applications including Hadoop and SQL / noSQL databases.  This past year, the company has added many new enterprise customers in the health care, ad tech and financial services verticals that all realize tremendous cost savings by deploying the PSSC Labs innovative server platforms.   “It is undeniable that the ability to ingest, process, analyze and interpret massive amounts of information is a problem organizations face today ,” begins Larry Lesser (PSSC Labs President).  “We firmly believe that our revolutionary server platforms offer the absolute highest performance and lowest possible total cost of ownership for any organization involved in Big Data Analytics, data center operations and the evolving Internet of Things (IOT) industry.”  Mr. Lesser cites a recent study by MapR® exhibiting the ability to ingest 30 million data points per second on a single PSSC Labs server (link to full case study).  “This MapR Case Study is a prime example of how our unique and revolutionary server designs can simply do more than the competition.  When you think about Big Data and IOT, the first step is the ability to consume large data sets quickly.  This MapR case study explains how our unique server platforms are simply able to do more than the completion.  If you can consume 30 million data points per second with a single PSSC Labs server instead of say two or three servers from other manufacturers than it is clear we have the superior platform,” asserts Mr. Lesser.

The company’s flagship Big Data / Hadoop server, the CloudOOP 12000, is certified compatible with leading Hadoop distributions from Cloudera®, Hortonworks® and MapR®.   According to Mr. Lesser, “PSSC Labs servers are designed from the ground up with specific Hadoop or database applications in mind.  That is why we are taking the time to form strategic partnerships and certify our servers compatible with leading Big Data analytics applications”.   In addition to Hadoop platforms, the company offers a line of high performance servers engineered for database applications including HBase™, Cassandra™, MongoDB® and Aerospike®.  Known as CloudSeek servers, their superior database performance can be attributed to “Direct Connect IO” technology, offering independent data path channels for each individual SATAIII or SSD hard drive.   Direct Connect IO technology increases data through-put performance by eliminating bottlenecks found in other server platforms, making CloudSeek servers ideal for high performance database applications.  Aerospike®’s Director of Technical Marketing , Young Paik explains, “What is great about PSSC Labs hardware is how easy it is to get high performance. While you can spend a lot of time tuning more expensive hardware, you don’t need to think about how to tune a PSSC Labs server. It simply performs.”

PSSC Labs is leveraging their expertise in server designs and is now targeting the DevOps and data center deployment , monitoring and management services.  With the ability to deploy everything from a single server to an entire multi-rack data center world-wide, PSSC Labs is already helping enterprise customers realize their infrastructure goals.  Although the form and function of data center servers may be different from Big Data servers, the need for reliability, performance and flexibility remains the same.    “We are delivering servers used to assist administrators who deploy data centers worldwide using applications such as Chef and Puppet,” explains Mr.  Lesser.  “We have other servers for monitoring using Zabbix®, Nagios®, Splunk® and other  applications.”  Finally the company is offering it’s Powerserve Duo T2000 for virtualization environments where core count density and memory accessibility are critical.   The PowerServe Duo T2000 is a unique blade server which supports up to 96 Threads in just 1U of rack space.   “Many companies can rack and stack 3rd party servers and call it a data center.  We believe we offer the added value of being able to design and manufacture servers specific for any deployment needs.  This will save our customers significant amounts of capital and operational expenses,” concludes Mr. Lesser.

For additional information visit www.pssclabs.com.

Alex Lesser
20432 North Sea Circle
Lake Forest CA 92630
Tel: 949-380-7288

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