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PSSC Labs to Showcase Life Science Compute & Storage Solutions at BIO IT World

Apr. 4, 2011 ⋅ Categories: Life Sciences

April 4, 2011 | PSSC Labs, based out of Southern California, will be unveiling a new bioinformatics supercomputer for genome sequencing at the upcoming Bio IT World Conference & Expo 2011 in Boston, MA. The POWERSERVE Quattro I/A 4000 can be configured up to 48 processor cores, 1TB of system memory and 30 TB of storage. This high performance computing solution was designed from the ground up specifically for Life Science applications. Priced at $14,995.00, the POWERSERVE Quattro I/A 4000 delivers both power and ROI making it the perfect fit for whole genome de novo assembly, genome mapping and transcriptome analysis.

Life Science Computing – With over 1000 PowerWulf solutions delivered to 35+ countries, PSSC Labs (https://www.pssclabs.com) is the world’s leader in turn-key high performance clusters for Life Sciences, specifically genome sequencing. PSSC Labs was tasked to develop an affordable supercomputer to handle the computational needs of some of the most demanding Life Science applications. A significant amount of time was dedicated to the research process by interviewing top professionals in the industry such as Core Sequencing facility managers and research scientists. It was clear that there was a void to be filled and a demand for cluster type resources in a stand-alone supercomputer.

“In conversations with lab managers and biologists, the common complaint was the need for an affordable system with large memory capacity”, explains Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs Vice President. “Our POWERSERVE QUATTRO I/A 4000 Bioinformatics server is the answer to those needs. It is the complete package with all necessary application tools preinstalled and configured.”

PSSC Labs built the application server from the ground up to meet the expert’s genome sequencing needs and demands. The Life Science supercomputer can be configured with 48 processor cores, 1TB of memory and 30TB of storage space. PSSC Labs tested and certified the POWESERVE QUATTRO with leading next generation sequencing applications at each step of the development cycle.

PSSC Labs includes their CBeSTTM Supercomputer Management Toolkit to help manage, monitor and maintain the system. PSSC Labs can install, configure, optimize and test many bioinformatics applications prior to shipping. As with all of PSSC Labs product line, the company’s goal is to deliver turn-key solutions allowing researchers to focus more on their work and not the intricacies of system configuration, management, application installation and performance tuning. The Quattro Bioinformatics server is no exception. It’s development process makes it the logical solution for all Life Science application needs.

According to PSSC Labs the product is available today for worldwide distribution. For more information visit booth #202 at Bio IT World Conference & Expo 2011, April 12-14 (http://www.bio-itworldexpo.com/) . Booth visitors can play to win a free iPAD.


For more details about PSSC Labs’ high performance servers, supercharged workstations and industry leading clusters and clouds, visit us online at http://pssclabs.com.

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