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From the start, we set out to create hardware that doesn’t compromise. Performance and power-efficiency. Sophistication and simplicity. Some consider these necessary trade-offs. To us, they go hand-in-hand.

Big Data

The world’s leading Enterprise platform for Hadoop & Big Data Analytics


The right choice for any real-time SQL/noSQL database applications.


A supercomputer to handle any workload.


Proven VM Platform for ultra-density & lowest TCO.


The great thing about being an independent American server manufacturer is that our experts are here to address your needs quickly. 

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Compact, high capacity storage for NAS, ISCSI & ZFS.

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PSSC Labs CloudOOP Big Data Enterprise Servers are designed specifically for environments that refuse to compromise on performance, without breaking the budget.
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PSSC Labs Featured in TechRepublic: 4 steps to implementing high-performance computing for big data processing

PSSC Labs and Atmospheric Data Solutions Deliver HPC Clusters to Forecast Weather and Reduce Wildfire Ignitions
How Big Data Is Changing Weather Modeling and Wildfire Analysis

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