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PowerServe HPC / Deep Learning / AI Servers

Realize the power of cutting-edge technology.

HPC, Machine Learning and AI Enterprise Servers Hand Crafted for Maximum Performance.           

  • Ideal for any HPC environment in the Government, Academic and Commercial marketplace
  • Select from the latest Xeon / Xeon PHI, Nvidia GPU and Altera FPGA technologies to configure the right solution
  • Proven platform for Machine Learning, AI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment
  • Green technology offering the lowest Gflop per watt on the market

Select a Model

PowerServe Duo

1/2U Blade Chassis with 90% Energy Efficient Power Supply Supports 1 x 3.5" Hard Drive or 2 x 2.5" Hard Drive

PowerServe Cortex

2U Rackmount Chassis with 90% EE Redundant Power Supply Supports 8 x 3.5" Hard Drives or 8 x 2.5" Hard Drives


Powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.

  • Hyper-threading doubles the core count by simultaneously running two threads on each physical core
  • Turbo Boost 2.0 automatically increases processor clock speed in cores being used when other cores are not
  • Integrated memory controller for increased memory bandwidth and low memory latency
  • AVX-512 instruction set on Intel Skylake series processors


Enterprise rated Double Data Rate (DDR) memory featuring Error Correcting (ECC) support that automatically detects and corrects memory errors.

GPU / FPGA Coprocessor


Select from the latest Nvidia GPU and FPGA technologies

OS Storage

OS installed on separate hard drive(s) to increase system speed, reliability and usability.

  • Easy upgrade or repair of OS without interfering with Data drives
  • Raid 1 Mirroring may be available for additional redundancy
  • Support for Red Hat®, CentOS, Ubuntu & most other Linux distributions, as well as Microsoft® Windows

Data Storage

A variety of speed and capacity options from Intel®, Crucial®, Western Digital®, HGST®, Seagate® and others.

  • Support for SSD, SAS and SATAIII
  • Mixed drive support available allowing for a combination of SSDs, SAS and SATAIII drives
  • Integrated hard drive controller and / or LSI high speed controller support up to 12 Gbps throughput performance
  • Our engineers will pre-configure data storage for the following configurations: JBOD, RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60


Dual GigE network bandwidth comes standard, with 10GigE, 40GigE, 100GigE and Infiniband network connectivity possible.

If you require higher network bandwidth select higher throughput with network adapters from Intel®, Mellanox®, Solarflare® and others.

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