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Expert consultations for equipment funding and research

PSSC Labs has over 25+ years’ experience delivering HPC solutions that empower researchers in diverse fields including life sciences, chemistry, physical sciences, and artificial intelligence.

PSSC Labs can help identify funding avenues most relevant to your specific field of research.  Because we have worked with such a wide variety of applications and users over the years, we can provide HPC hardware recommendations and quotes to form the basis of your grant proposal, as well as provide assistance throughout the proposal process.  

Our high quality, high value, turn-key HPC Cluster solutions have been deployed in research projects at major institutions including:

  •  MIT
  •  Northwestern University
  •  Western Kentucky University
  •  Burnham Institute

Our team of in house experts can consult with researchers on grants from major institutions including the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institute of Health (NIH), Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP), Department of Energy, as well as providing expertise on specific grants including

“Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering”

“Data Infrastructure Building Blocks”

“Engineering of Biomedical Systems

5 Tips for More Successful Grant Applications

Find the right grant for you: Because the most popular equipment grants are highly competitive, you can increase your chances of receiving funding by looking for grants specific to your area of research. PSSC Labs has a long history of working with grant winners, and can help researchers identify grants that may fit their field of research.

Contact a grant program officer: You can increase the quality of your proposal and gain helpful feedback by reaching out to grant program officers directly. These officers have a deep understanding of what is required for a successful grant and are a great repository of information during the grant application process.                            

Emphasize the broad impact of your proposal: Research grant committees want to see the broader impact and implications your research may have, so make sure to outline and detail all the various parties, fields, and projects that may benefit from your research. 

Make your grant stand out: Be sure to differentiate your grant request from those of other researchers, especially in a crowded or popular field with similar projects vying for funding. Specifically outline all the ways, small and large, where your research is novel or seeks to answer questions from an angle that has not been addressed.

Discuss your needs with your IT staff: Speak with someone in your IT department and get a good understanding of what resources are already available to you, and what specific resources you need.  PSSC Labs is happy to speak with your research computing manager and help craft the best turnkey solution to accomplish your research.


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