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Customized HPC Solutions with Next Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors

Scaleable Platform Advancement from Intel for  HPC, AI, Cloud Computing, and Virtualization workloads

PSSC Labs knows Intel. An Intel HPC Data Center Specialist and Platinum Provider with Intel since 2009, our knowledge and experience is what allows us to incorporate the best in Intel technology with our leading turn-key, custom hand made servers and clusters. PSSC Labs now offers Intel® Xeon® Processors on both PowerWulf Cluster and PowerServe Server solutions.

PSSC Labs has deployed over 2250 HPC Clusters including small POC clusters to production environments exceeding 6000 cores.
  • Advanced Architecture: new core microarchitecture, new on-die interconnects and memory controllers means optimized performance, reliability, security and manageability. The processor also offers better efficiency and lower energy costs as well as space efficiency.
  • Performance: The Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors deliver an overall performance increase up to 1.65x versus the previous generation, and up to 5x OLTP warehouse workloads versus the current install base.
  • Scalability: Up to 28 cores and up to 6 terabytes of system memory,  can scale to support 2-socket – 8-socket systems.
  • Agility: Optimized computing, network, and storage performance on premise, through a network, or in the cloud. Optional network integration with Intel OmniPath Architecture.
  • Security: 3.1x performance improvement in cryptography performance compared to the previous generation. Application can now run with less than 1% overhead with data-at-rest encryption turned on. Intel Key Protection Technology delivers enhanced protection to security key attacks.

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Big Data

The world’s leading Enterprise platform for Hadoop & Big Data Analytics


The right choice for any real-time SQL/noSQL database applications.


A supercomputer to handle any workload.


Proven VM Platform for ultra-density & lowest TCO.


Designed and engineered for vivid, high velocity results. 


Compact, high capacity storage for NAS, ISCSI & ZFS.


Big Data Cluster

CloudOOP Rax

A complete, turn-key Hadoop cluster that is ready to run on delivery. 

HPC Cluster


A full stack with optimized hardware, CBeST Cluster Management Toolkit and in-house engineers available for support.  

Storage Cluster


Flexible object storage environment offering outstanding performance at a low cost per GB.

Private Cloud


Enjoy lower TCO, higher app performance, greater engineering control and typically tighter security than the public cloud.

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