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Jul. 10, 2012 ⋅ Categories: Physical Sciences

July 10, 2012 | In case you haven’t noticed, weather conversations are everywhere – from the segments on the news, to global-warming panic, to the go-to conversation with a stranger on the bus. But many have never thought about the tools used to gain the knowledge in the first place. Like most fields of study, weather research is rapidly advancing with the technological evolution of high-performance servers and computers.

PSSC Labs has developed models that specialize in varying weather investigations including the MesoScale Modeler, the StormScale Modeler and the Vortex Cluster. These are relied on for dependable information in forecasting and air-quality assessments for environmental analysts. Why is this advanced information important? Why can’t we just look outside for the weather? Because with improved technology comes better extreme weather forecasts for the people that can be effected. On May 22, 2011 in Joplin, Mo., a tornado with 200-plus miles per hour winds claimed the lives of 160 people that only received a 20-minute tornado warning. 20-minutes is not enough time for anyone to grab a family and save themselves. By continuing the improvement of weather-forecast systems, these casualties can be prevented.

Remember hurricane Katrina? It would be nice if future generations knew that a storm the size of Texas was going to hit them earlier than later. Depending on what your opinion is on global warming’s existence; the weather may or may not become more extreme with time. Advanced notice in weather preparation can correlate with technological advancement for weather forecasting, modeling and research. For more information on PSSC weather related products, be sure to view the Weather Computation Modeling page in our website.


For more details about PSSC Labs’ high performance servers, supercharged workstations and industry leading clusters and clouds, visit us online at http://pssclabs.com.

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